Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet me in St Louis!

So we are 2 weeks out from conference and I'm getting excited! Ah, so much to do and plan and pack! Justin is going to my parents house and Lindsey is going to the in-laws. She'll stay some with grandma and some with her aunt, uncle and cousin. They are both much easier to handle separately where they can't fight with each other, so we will split them up. Pray for my parents especially as they live on a lake and J's favorite thing is to go throw acorns and rocks into the water. He doesn't swim so they can't let go of his hand near the water and that's where he wants to be all the time. So that makes me a bit nervous.

I'm thrilled to meet up again with folks we met 2 yrs ago and looking forward to learning more about the latest research news. Should be a great time!

FX in Time Magazine,9171,1818268,00.html
Woo! It's a 3 page article in the print edition of the magazine - there's actually a bit more in the print version than online. It's a really nice profile of a family affected in 3 generations. The boy who has cognitive impairment, the mom who is a carrier and is in the early stages of FX associated premature menopause, and the grandfather who has fragile X associated tremor ataxia syndrome(FXTAS). I'm excited to see it features so prominently in a major news magazine - I'm tired of hearing 'fragile what?' when I mention it.