Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Visit with Santa 2008

So Friday was the last day of school for the munchkins. Christmas for the teachers was more of a challenge this year as J now has his regular ed teacher, a special ed teacher, speech therapist, OT, 6 different aides, and the nurse. I wish I had seen Betsy's Pretzels a few weeks ago - they would be an awesome teacher gift. I made Chex Muddy Buddies(AKA puppy chow) and gave them all $5 Starbucks cards.
Thursday we went to their class parties and then checked them out an hour early and took them to the mall to see Santa. Yay, I'm so glad we went when we did! There was only one family in front of us in line! Justin has refused to have any part in sitting with Santa ever since the Screaming Fit of 2004. Yeah, it's awful, but it will probably always be my favorite Christmas picture ever, because it's the one that makes me laugh every time.

But this year he joyfully walked up, said "Hi Santa" hopped up on his lap and in the very first snap, we got this amazing picture. What a difference a few years make!
He didn't stay long, but he handled it well and we were proud of him. They gave us coupons for a free cookie for each of them, so that part was great too. He wasn't happy on the way out because he kept seeing toys and he didn't like the idea that he was leaving without getting anything other than a cookie. Yeah, patience is not his strong suit.

Ollie is back this year, and our elf brought a note from Santa this morning. Apparently Ollie has seen the meltdowns and the disobedience, but he has also seen some very kind and loving behavior too. Maybe the reminder will keep them in check for a few more days. One can only hope, right? I'd hate for Santa to bring them nothing but coal, but I have a feeling Santa will be kind to them this year.

I need to get busy wrapping stuff today as I've only wrapped one present so far. Oh and I've not yet sent out one Christmas card. Yeah, queen of procrastination, here, I know.