Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catching up...

Here I am again, wondering who I was kidding when I thought 'I should blog!' Grand intentions, no follow through - story of my life. Maybe I can blame it on fragile x? Nope...I think I'm just lazy. :)

So anyway, school is in full swing - Lindsey is in the 3rd grade and Justin is in kindergarten. Lindsey is falling behind a bit in both reading and math. We spent hours last night trying to explain the concept of rounding to her, but she just looks at us like we are speaking another language.
Here are a couple of '1st day of school' pics.

Lindsey loves being the big sis, so at the beginning of the school year there was always an aide there at the carpool line to assist in getting Justin to his class, but she's like 'no, I got it' and walks him to his class and helps him unpack his backpack and stuff. And so that continued, and somehow without us instructing her to do so, she just knew that she could gradually back off a bit each day. Now she just walks him to the kindergarten hallway and then watches him walk to his room. I'm so stinkin' proud. :)

Justin is quite the ladies man. Everybody wants to help Justin and sit by him. When I was there for lunch last week there were about 5 kids patting the seat next to them and calling to him to sit by them. The teacher tells me that when they go down stairs he gets nervous and says 'I can't do it' and one of the girls holds his hand and walks with him. Now he has no trouble with stairs anywhere else, but the little girls are cute, and I suspect he is enjoying the attention. Yesterday there was quite a drama over who would help Justin which ended with 2 girls crying and Justin grinning through the whole fight.

3rd grade boys, by the way, are really obnoxious. I was there for lunch again today, and the teachers in 3rd grade sit at the teacher's table in the center of the room rather than with the kids. One of the boys in Lindsey's class sat across from me and was using his plastic fork to fling small bits of bread up to the ceiling. I would have said something to him but I was more appalled by the boys at the next table who were apparently practicing for their frat party days. They were over there chanting 'chug! chug! chug!' while each other chugged their milk cartons. Good grief...where do they learn that? Anyway, it was just loud and obnoxious and I have FX too, so maybe I was just overstimulated...whatever. I'm not looking forward to lunch with 3rd graders again any time soon.