Thursday, January 29, 2009

Facebook has taken over my life

Well, I wasn't very good at blogging before, but now I'm never here at all! Facebook has taken control of my computer...

Anyway, what's new...well, Justin is just gradually getting more and more aggressive and I had a bit of an emotional breakdown about it a few days ago. I'm better at the moment and working on a plan to try to get that under control. We are journaling everything, trying to identify triggers, searching for a behavioral therapist, and trying to get another appt with the neuro to discuss meds. We appreciate all of your prayers.

Most of Birmingham is abuzz with the possibility of snow next Monday/Tuesday. Lindsey is now nine and she has seen snow twice in her life and both were maybe half an inch. So snow is a big deal - I hate it, though. Anyway, I have to go buy carrots today just in case we need a snowman nose. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

And it sneaks up on me again!

Every year Lindsey's birthday does this to me. I always say I'm going to plan ahead, but then Christmas gets chaotic, and then we are just trying to recover from the chaos and get through New year's, and then it's time to take down the decorations, and suddenly Lindsey's birthday party is this Saturday and I've not sent out one single invitation.
I tried to get her to have it at one of the pottery painting places, so I don't have to deal with the mess and clean up, etc, but she wants to have it at home again. She just wants a very few friends and family, thankfully.
So anyway...I guess I've got to get invites mailed out today. I so wish her birthday was maybe a week or 2 later so it wouldn't do this to me every year. But given how miserably large I was, and the fact that she was over 10 pounds, I don't think I could have survived being pregnant much longer anyway.
I think I had more to type, but suddenly J is here 'helping' me, telling me to 'push the green button'....