Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long time - no blog

Oh, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Well, I've been more sleep deprived than usual. Justin had bronchitis for about 3 weeks. He's just getting over it. He's normally not a good sleeper, but try coughing every time you lay down and see what that does for you. Now I've got it too, and he wants to sleep with me, so I cough and wake him up, he coughs and wakes me up, we've just not been sleeping much. Yesterday he fell asleep at school and slept through speech therapy. He's got an extremely sensitive gag reflex and anytime we try to give him medication he empties his stomach. Not fun. So we went to the doc twice and got antibiotic shots both times and a steroid shot once.
We now own 2 houses. We are slowly moving a few things into the new house. The cats were the first to go, so at least the house we are trying to sell doesn't smell like kitty litter - yuck. So they are adjusting to the new place and we go visit every day and take a few more toys and stuff each time. I need a buyer so I can get this over with.
School has started - that helps a lot. I can get a nap occasionally. :) Lindsey is in the 2nd grade now and Justin is in pre-K. She has discovered Webkinz, so we have a new obsession. Justin still wants to watch the movie Cars every waking moment.
And we leave Sunday for Sacramento for our long awaited trip to the MIND Institute at UC Davis and Dr Hagerman, who probably knows more about FX than anybody. We are beyond excitied about it, and we just learned also that another family from our area will be there at the same time, so that's really super too - we are excited to meet them.
That's all the news I can think of...we've been a bit busy. I'm sure I'll have a ton to post after we get back. We fly out this Sunday and return the following Sunday, so say a prayer that Justin doesn't scream the whole way - lol.


Kristiem10 said...

Oh! That is fabulous that you're going to the MIND Institute. I wish we could afford to go there! I hope the trip goes well for you guys. Hope you all feel better.

FXSmom said...

You need one of those tshirts from AutismRocks for him to wear on the trip that says, "I'm not a brat...I'm just Autistic!"

Leanne said...

Lol - I just saw those shirts - wish I had time to get one for the trip! He will be wearing his 'Got Fragile X?' shirt and I'll have a stack of Fraxa cards to give out, too.
Oh and WOOHOO! he slept all night in his own bed last night - YAY Justin! :-)

Peggy said...

Sorry you've been having illnesses in the fun!!! I am so excited you get to go to the MIND institute...hope it's a good trip and full of support/information!