Thursday, December 6, 2007

"What's shakin' mommy?"

So Justin walks in the kitchen yesterday and says, "What's shakin', mommy, what's shakin'?"
LOL Where on earth did he learn that one? What a funny boy he is.

Unfortunately the biggest thing 'shakin' is my booty. I desperately need treadmill time, I'm feeling so unhealthy. I've been fighting bronchitis for about 2 weeks now and every time I get up and try to do anything I start coughing again and it's just miserable. I've got to get over this so I can start exercising.

Rambling here...but do you ever feel like whatever you say, it's wrong? Yeah, that's me lately. I'm frustrated with myself for not being able to get my point out without stepping on toes. I'm cranky and it seems a lot of people around me are as well.

Oh forgot to update- Thanksgiving went really well. Everyone said my turkey was moist and yummy. I followed Alton Brown's instructions from the 'Good Eats' Thanksgiving special:Romancing the Bird. I brined him the night before in vegetable stock and some spices, and cooked him on 500 for 30 minutes, then covered him with foil and cooked at 350 until my thermometer hit 165.
The bonus for having it here - I got to eat leftovers for days and they were yummmmmy. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm in need of treadmill time too. I've been worried cuz of my tummy troubles but this weekend I'm going to cave and just hop on it. Since finals are over it won't kill me to be on pain pills ;-)