Monday, July 2, 2007

My brain's too fried to think of a title...

This past Friday my mom had some minor surgery to correct a problem with a toe on her right foot. So she is hobbling around with a boot on her foot unable to bear much weight on it. This morning she woke up feeling lightheaded and in a good bit of pain, so she took some pain meds - on an empty stomach. So apparently she passed out, hit her head, and fell, in the process somewhere breaking her leg. Now they live about an hour away in a small town. Once my dad finally got her to let him call 911, the ambulance took them to the local hospital which did x-rays but they don't have an orthopedic doctor there, so they put her in the car and my dad drove her to Birmingham. Finally got an ortho who says she needs surgery, a plate and some pins. There are 2 bones there between the knee and the ankle and the smaller one(fibula, I think) is shattered and the larger is out of place somehow, and she has a torn ligament in her ankle. They have just sent them back home(an hour drive) with instructions to come back for outpatient surgery tomorrow. Dad's got some neighbors who can help carry her into the house, but they have 4 or 5 stairs at every entrance so it's not very wheelchair accesible and she can't bear weight on either foot...ugh.

So I get off the phone a few minutes ago with my dad, and decide to go see what damage my kids have done while I've been on the phone. I go into the bathroom where Lindsey is and I smell nail polish. And I see that she has painted Justin's toy car(Sally from the movie Cars, the blue porsche) with her sparkly blue nail polish. Well I lecture her about using nail polish without permission and defacing her brothers toy, and she quietly apologises and slips out of the room while I get out the polish remover and take as much of it off as I can. So then I go looking for Justin and he's in the kitchen eating a banana, but he got his back to me. And then he turns around and this is what I see:

Yep, she painted her brother blue. I had to keep my back to her and tell her to go to time out because I wanted to yell and laugh at the same time.


Kristiem10 said...

I know the nail polish is the least of your worries right now, but that pic of your son is so cute! I hope your mom heals up quickly.

Kerry Crochets said...

Oh, Le, I know how you feel! Do you remember when Aliceon painted the nursery (and herself!) yellow and black a couple of weeks before Heather was born?

The joys!

Hope your mom heals up quickly!

Here's to our adventurous lives with our spirited kids!

FXSmom said...

That is too stinkin funny. I hope it came off him okay.

Hope your mother feels well soon. When it rains it pours huh.