Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Updat on my mom & more from my little vandal

Mom had her surgery this morning - all went well. She's in recovery, but the are having trouble getting her pain under control. The demoral isn't enough so they just gave her a couple Loritabs. Dad is driving her home later and is planning to see if he can get someone from fire rescue to come help get her up the steps into the house. The doc says she will not be able to bear any weight on that leg for for 4 weeks. Ther other foot (with the toe surgery) she can bear some weight on, but between that and the pain meds it will be a while before she can be steady on that one foot and learn to use crutches. They are going to have to get a wheelchair for her. Yesterday he was wheeling her around in his desk chair.

On a lighter note...

The blue nail polish from yesterday had me reflecting on earlier graffiti art created by my little hoodlum. And here are a few examples - the back of my dining room chair - that's Sharpie marker by the way. That's probably been 3-4 yrs ago and a sweater still hangs over the chair.
This was some art she drew on my bedroom walls, nightstand, lamp, and herself of course, along with her mugshot in front of the crime scene. I think she was 2 at the time.


Kristiem10 said...

Oh my goodness! What a little artiste you have there. She looks so proud of herself, too. And, I am glad your mom is through surgery. I hope she is not in too much pain.

FXSmom said...

Hopefully she grows up and makes a happy living with her "art"...lol.

Glad your mom is now on the mend. Pain after surgery always seems to be the hard part.:(