Thursday, November 29, 2007


Every day since the beginning of school we have the same meltdown. Justin screams 'I wanna ride in daddy's car' and I wrestle him into the car while he fights, kicks, and slaps me. Daddy drives Lindsey to school because itt's on his way to work. Justin's school is in the opposite direction so I drive him. We tried switching cars - that doesn't help either - he just wants daddy, and daddy doesn't have time to go that far out of his way. You would think after 4 months of school he would get that no amount of tantrum is going to change the plan, but nope.
Anyway, once I get him in the car and start driving he screams. And he doesn't stop till we get there. He also pulls off his socks and shoes and throws them. Sometimes they hit me, sometimes they land way in the back. So I would get to school and then have to search the van for his socks and shoes in the carpool line. So I quit attempting to put shoes on him at home. Now I take his socks and shoes and put them in the floorboard out of his reach and he rides barefoot to school and we put shoes on when we get there. He's fine once we're there. One morning a few weeks ago I got to the carpool line and not only was he barefoot but Houdini had also removed his shirt - while in a 5 point harness.
So anyway yesterday was like the rest, meltdown, kicking, hitting, etc but now I also have bronchitis and I'm so not feeling up to dealing with this, but I wrestle him into the car and we ride to school. We get there and I turn around and look for the shoes and I don't see them. "Justin, where are your shoes?" - "at home". Ok, totally my fault for failing to get them, but that little turkey knew his shoes weren't in the car, and he let me drive all the way there. So, 15 minute drive home and he cries while I get his shoes, because he wants out of his carseat and wants to come in and then we drive back to school - again. Little turkey.


FXSmom said...

There has to be some way to overcome this behavior. I hope it is just a phase. Have you presented this to the fxs listserv to see if any parents have a suggestion??

Kristiem10 said...

This sounds totally familiar. Except change Justin for Blake and make it a bus instead of my van.
And, he fights me every time I get him in his carseat, slapping and kicking. And he takes his shoes and socks off and throws them at me. I have had flying shoes hit me in the head while driving