Sunday, November 11, 2007

Countdown to Turkey Time - 11 days

Well, since we have the new house, we volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year. What was I thinking? I can't even handle a raw chicken breast without feeling nauseated and now I have to pull the innards out of a turkey? Ewwwwwww. I'm playing the FX "I have sensory issues" card and making hubby deal with that part. Ewwww, ewwww, ick.
So, anyway I'm currently glued to the Food network watching everything possible about how to cook a turkey and make gravy, which I also don't know how to do. I'm planning to brine the turkey - sounds good anyway. Good grief, I just hope I don't start a fire or give the whole family food poisoning.

Sigh, I really should be cleaning or even unpacking, but I'm just so unmotivated. Blah.


Kristiem10 said...

WOW! Sounds like fun. Well, not the turkey innards removal, but having your first Thanksgiving in a new home does. You definitely need to check out The Pioneer Woman's blog, she has step-by-step instructions with photos for brining a turkey.

Brining a turkey:

Roasting a turkey:

Kristiem10 said...

Um, I see that the whole addy didn't show up. Just go to and click on the Categories drop down menu and pick "Thanksgiving" :) She has some yummy looking side dishes, too. I have made several of her recipes and have not been disappointed. Warning, she is not a low-fat cook. Not that I mind.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what you was thinkin too but you have a smidge over a week to do it. You can get it done. And it will be mah-velous!!!