Thursday, June 28, 2007

Recent FX news

For those who may have missed the recent news - pretty cool stuff!

Scientists eye an enzyme as target in fighting autism - Yahoo! News

and a well written blog by a retired MD discussing the recent news :
The X files: Autism’s fragile X syndrome


And tragically, it seems the Chris Benoit story has a link to FX as well. His 7 year old son, Daniel had FX. Our prayers are with that family.
Katie Clapp, founder and President of Fraxa(the FX research foundation) will appear on Inside Edition tonight to talk about Fragile X.

How sad that this is what it takes to get the attention of the media. Of course, we have to take the opportunity to get the word out and hopefully be able to help others with FX. We may never know if or how FX played into this tragedy, but we do know that having a child with special needs does create extra stress in many families. So we must continue to raise awareness and raise funds for research to find a viable treatment, and in the meantime, we just take it a day at a time and love our kids, and do the best we can.

Awesome story related to all this and a profile on the Heyman family:

Much love - L

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Kristiem10 said...

The Benoit story is a tragic one. I have had several people bring it up to me that they heard the boy had Fragile X.