Monday, November 24, 2008

All I want for Christmas... my 2 front teeth!
Yep, the Tooth Fairy is on her way to our house yet again! We don't know what happened to the tooth, and he doesn't care. This is his 4th lost tooth and only one of them we found. But Tooth Fairy understands and gives him credit for it anyway. Anyway, he lost it just in time - I may have to go download the Chipmunks version of '2 front teeth', just because it will annoy hubby to no end.
Well the good news on the stomach virus is that it has lasted just under 24 hrs for each of us. Lindsey got sick last night, and we had to throw away a teddy bear and her favorite pillow "Pilly". Yes, her pillow has a name and apparently is a girl pillow as Pilly is always referrred to as a 'she'. Anyway, we agreed that a new Pilly (this will be Pilly #3) will top her wish list. Let's hope Santa can handle that. It's a light up pillow - with an LED color changing light inside. Anyway, we are all feeling much better now...and we are praying that our recent guests will all be fine.
I was going to start Christmas decorating Sunday, but felt too bad to do anything - so hopefully we'll get started tonight or tomorrow. I found a crossing guard ornament, and a flamingo ornament to commemorate their Halloween costumes this year - so that's new, plus I got an 'arch' ornament from St Louis, but those are my only new decorations so far this year.
I think I'll go finish taking down the last of my scarecrows and other 'fall' themed decorations so I can start dragging out the other stuff.


FXSmom said...

How cute!! We rarely find Matts teeth too

Jen said...

He is adorable!