Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Things I'm thankful for, some more serious than others, and not necessarily in order...

  • My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
  • My family, immediate, extended, even my in-laws are awesome. I could go on for days just on this one, but I won't, because it would cause me to miss turkey dinner.
  • That reminds me...yes I'm thankful for dinner, and the turkey who gave it's life for us. And dressing (Yummmm!), sweet potato casserole, rolls, dessert....yuuummmmeee!
  • Friends....how would I survive without you?
  • The internet, as it has allowed me to connect with many new and old friends.
  • Kindergarten. J knew about half of his letters in August, and his IEP goal was to know them all by May. He knows them all, uppercase and lowercase, and can tell you the sound they make. And, I have a life of my own between the hours of 8 and 3 - it's awesome.
  • Teachers who care - they make a world of difference.
  • Hubby's job, which allows me to stay home.
  • My DVR. How did we survive without it? We love it so much hubby and I each have our own. Actually I share mine with the kids, which means I watch a LOT of Dora and the Backyardigans.
  • This country, the freedoms we enjoy here, and the many who sacrificed to make that possible.
  • Take-out Chinese, because my kitchen is currently clean, and I'm not cooking tonight.
  • The 11-0 season the Crimson Tide has had thus far, and the hope of beating Auburn for the first time in quite a while - Roll Tide Roll!
  • My parents, for raising me right, & for telling me to marry hubby anyway, in spite of the fact that he's an Auburn fan AND a yankee.
  • The current drop in gas prices - wow.
  • Slice and bake cookie dough - that's good stuff.
  • My church family, a fantastic pastor, and great teachers.
  • The Hagerman's, Steve Warren, Dr Berry-Kravis, and the many other specialists, researchers, educators, & therapists who have made huge differences in our lives and who continue to work towards finding better treatments for our kids.
  • All of the Fragile families who work together to help and support each other through this journey.

There's more I'm sure...but my crossing guard is ready to go out and direct the holiday traffic in our neighborhood, so I better go keep an eye on him. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


TheXMom said...

Wow!! That's awesome that J knows his letters we are struggling with teaching Smarty Pants and Renegade the basics like numbers and colors... You've been tagged.. visit my blog to find out how to play...

Betsy said...

Amen to ALL of these! :)

Ali said...

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