Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Band-Aid for my tummy...

J: I need a Band-Aid, Mommy
Me: do you have a boo-boo?
J: I need a Band-Aid for my tummy.

Cute, hmmm? No boo-boo on his tummy, and he's been playing and snacking all afternoon like normal, but big sis loves Band-Aids and is always looking for an excuse to get one, so I figure he's just imitating her, right? Nope.

Apparently, "I need a Band-Aid for my tummy" is code for "I'm about to hurl recycled mac and cheese and yogurt all over the carpet". Yeah. Thanks for the warning, son.

And now, he's running about chasing his sister and acting perfectly normal as if nothing happened.


Holly's Mom said...

I had to read this one to my Hubbie... Too Funny.. At least now you know for next time.

gb5280 said...

Don't ya just love those days?